Scholarship Recipients

Transformed Through TSLF

Meet a few of our scholarship recipients whose lives have been impacted by TSLF Programs.

Terrance Hill

Terrance Hill

2022 Fall Scholarship Recipient – TCC

Thank you for helping me achieve my goals through this scholarship. If it was not for this scholarship, I would not be able to do the things I want to do. I have always wanted to be helpful to my family and I think that this will most likely help very much. I will be able to get a car and not worry so much about tuition fees. I can’t thank you enough for helping me.

Brittany Hudson

Brittany Hudson

2022-23 Scholarship Recipient – TCC

I want to express my gratitude for your kind donation to the Travel & Sports Legacy Foundation scholarship. I feel incredibly privileged to get this award. Your scholarship will significantly impact my college life this term. I can now start the fall semester at Tarrant County College as a fresh slate, with a more focused and motivated mind, in completing my degree in baking and pastry in 2024. I appreciate you for making my future better.

Mia Russ

Mia Russ 2022 Fall Scholarship Recipient – TCC

Thank you so much for considering and selecting me to be a scholarship recipient! I am so excited and grateful for every bit of help along this journey, be it financial contributions, experience, or mentorship. Getting to this degree has definitely been a delayed process but there’s no stopping me now! I look forward to the scholarship event in October!

Mateo Serrano

Mateo Serrano2022 Francis Kobty Hospitality Scholarship Recipient – TCC

Dear Kobty Family, I’d like to say thank you for believing me. Enough so to trust me with an opportunity like this. The money you have provided for my studies will help me futher peruse my educational goals fulltime. With the knowledge I ear I will use it to pursue my career to the highest level. Finally, when I open my own restaurant, I will save you all a seat as a token of my gratitude.

Andre Zamudio

2022-23 Scholarship Recipient – UT Arlington

Andre Zamudio is an Arlington ISD Lamar High School graduate. He received his Associate Degree in Arts of Kinesiology from Tarrant County College. He is currently enrolled in UT Arlington pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Sports Leadership & Management. After graduation, Andre hopes to pursue a master’s degree in business management and eventually work in the front office of a professional sports franchise. He is very thankful and wants to express his deepest gratitude for receiving the TSLF scholarship.

Mohammed J. Iqbal

Mohammed J. Iqbal

2021-22 Scholarship Recipient  – UT Arlington

Mohammed J. Iqbal has spent many years during his life attempting to figure out what his future is supposed to look like.

In June of 2017, Mohammed graduated from Arlington Independent School District’s, James Martin High School and took his knowledge to The University of Texas at Arlington. Although he had other institutions to choose from, he decided to remain in his hometown of DFW, Texas because of the connection he has with this city and state. After a few hindrances in his educational career, he discovered the Bachelor’s in Sports Leadership and Management program. Mohammed now has one semester left until he completes bachelor’s degree at UTA and then plans on applying to Texas A&M graduate school to obtain a Master of Science in Sport Management.

Answering the overarching question of what his future is intended to look like, Mohammed is certain that his experience, abilities, traits, and attributes will make him a perfect fit for working in a team environment. He wants to work for a team where he can make things run more efficiently and make others’ jobs easier.

He knows working in the sphere of sports leadership and management will provide him the opportunity to achieve these feats. Mohammed is connected with his home in DFW, Texas and for his future, hopes to be part of one of his favorite sports teams, the Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas Mavericks, or the Texas Rangers.

Renee Ulrich

Renee Ulrich2021-22 Scholarship Recipient  – TCC

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity you have given to not just me, but all of us who have received this scholarship. This scholarship will grant me the opportunity to truly focus on school rather than having to pick up extra shifts at work to help pay off loans. I feel truly proud and empowered that I have received this scholarship and I can tell my parents that I have it handled.

This scholarship will help me refine my culinary skills and grow as an entrepreneur. The opportunity that you gave me will kickstart my career in becoming a business owner and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to meeting you and hopefully one day I can show the product of your generous donation through my food when I own my own establishment.

Jonathan Monges

Jonathan Monges

Fall 2020 Scholarship Recipient – TCC

Jonathan Monges is a graduate of Arlington High and participated in the AISD Dan Dipert CTC Hospitality Services & Culinary Arts Program. “This scholarship means that I now have the opportunity to pursue my education and career with less worries about ways to pay for college. It also means that my efforts in high school did not go unnoticed and that my overall dedication was worth pursuing to get to this point. My current education goals are to be able to pursue my culinary and hospitality career through Tarrant County College’s vast selection of courses and with this scholarship it makes it much easier for me to do so.”

Zen Brown

Zen Brown2020-21 Scholarship Recipient – UT Arlington

The Travel & Sports Legacy Foundation has connected me with numerous people who have helped me. My favorite part of this whole experience was the ability to connect with the CoreClarity mentors that the TSLF provides. They help you see your top talents and focus on strengthening them even more.

Dollie Chevalier

Dollie Chevalier2020-21 Scholarship Recipient – TCC

Dollie Chevalier is working on a AA degree in Hospitality at TCC’s Southeast Campus.  “My career goals consist of making dreams come true by making customers happy. I want them to relax, as I create experiences of a lifetime,” she writes.  She is enjoying all aspects of her education and feels she is on a path to preparing herself for a great career.  “The DFW area has many attractions and there are so many great opportunities. I look forward to a position in the area that keeps me busy and challenges my skills,” she states.  This scholarship is particularly helpful in light of the pandemic and all the work hour reductions she has faced.

Amin Muhammad

Amin Muhammad2020-21 Scholarship Recipient – TCC

Amin Muhammad has some big goals:  “I want to be a contributor for the Hospitality industry, not only in academia but also in corporate. I want to bridge academia and the practical field. It’s my vision to bring the big names of the Hotel Industry (Hilton, Marriott, IHG, Wyndham) into academia support, making them academic partners for colleges and universities for the Hospitality Management field, not by their finances only (that’s an easy way out) but also by linking the learning of their employees and hotel partners to get college certifications. Simultaneously colleges can get huge numbers of internships and job fairs and a lot more,” he writes.  He’s thinking big for the industry.  Amin has a strong 3.75 GPA and is in the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at the TCC Southeast Campus.  Amin provides care and living expenses for his ailing parents and also has a daughter who lives with him, so expenses are tight.  He appreciates the support this scholarship provides.

Daniel Perez

Daniel Perez

2020-21 Scholarship Recipient – TCC

Daniel Perez graduated from Northside High School and is carrying a 4.0 GPA in TCC’s Hospitality Management Program.  He experienced a critical medical problem that took him to the brink of death.  Grateful for his recovery, although long and arduous, Daniel puts his all into his school work. I want to own my own bed & breakfast or inn some day. It is a dream of mine, not many people know about it; it is one of risks and it takes dedication to succeed. The hospitality industry is down right now, and I have faith it will come back. I intend to take advantage of this scholarship and learn as much as I can about the world of hospitality. This scholarship will help me pursue my dream and set me on the right path to reach my goals,” Daniel writes.  He is a big Texas Rangers fan and was happy to go to the last games at the old Globe Life Park.  He is one of five children in a tight family and he is thankful for all the sacrifices his parents have made for him and his siblings over the years.  Doing well in school will be a wonderful “thank you” back to them.

Sal Salazar

Sal Salazar2020-21 Scholarship Recipient – UT Arlington

I want to personally thank you for selecting me as the recipient for the Arlington Sports Legacy Foundation scholarship. I take pride in knowing that I was the first recipient for this scholarship, and I am looking forward to any future encounters. I want to also note that the financial support really helped me as I was able to get the rest of my books for this semester as well as a few other items.

As I read over your mission statement, I loved how I saw the focus to connect Arlington and its underserved communities together. Growing up in those underserved communities, I know how it felt not having many resources or options for the future. It is nice to see that there is someone who wants to put in the effort and give back to those communities, to give those families more avenues for a greater future.

Again, I want to thank you for the opportunity to be the first to receive this scholarship and I would love the opportunity to learn more about what exactly your mission is for the communities of Arlington.